Vision & Mission | viasto
Vision & Mission | viasto
Vision & Mission | viasto
Vision & Mission | viasto

We are viasto.

We are viasto.

Smart innovators, flexible facilitators, reliable experts.Smart innovators, flexible facilitators, reliable experts.

Personnel selection of the future

We believe it is time to combine innovative video technology and scientific knowledge from personnel psychology to develop more valid selection procedures and thus reshape the world of recruiting.

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We are the pioneers of video recruiting and are committed to ensuring the highest diagnostic and technical quality for all our products. The interview suite is continuously further developed by UX experts and psychologists and in cooperation with leading universities.

Data protection.

As a German company, we attach particular importance to the protection of data (yours and that of your candidate!). Of course, we comply with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and support you in fulfilling your company’s standards.

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Smart software.

The interview suite is optimised with features based on artificial intelligence. We develop in-house and stand for quality, responsibility and 100% transparent technology that provides real practical value by empowering professionals instead of replacing them.

Our team

If you would like to create a real impact and you share our belief that current recruitment processes have a lot of room for improvement, let’s talk!

We are always looking for talented and motivated team members with a hands-on approach and the ambition to succeed. Whether intern or vice president, every team member brings in commitment and passion to realise our vision and can assume responsibility from day one.

We are looking for talents in the areas of software, sales, marketing, product etc. If you are a student or graduate in the fields of psychology, AI, machine learning or other related fields, please contact us!

Become part of our team!

viasto Martin BeckerMartin Becker
CEO (Co-Founder)

viasto Sara LindemannSara Lindemann
Head of Customer Success

viasto Michael CleaverMichael Cleaver
Head of Development

Heike Radtke
Head of Marketing