Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung
Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung
Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung
Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung

Identify the one in a million candidate efficiently.

Identify the one in a million candidate efficiently.

Valid preselection meets time savings in Recorded Video Interviews.Valid preselection with Recorded Video Interviews.Book your demo now

assessRecorded Video Interviews. Smart candidate preselection.

The most efficient way to get to know applicants better at an early stage. Artificial intelligence aids you in creating a suitable interview framework for your vacancy. Invited candidates answer their interview questions flexibly in terms of time and space through video. Recruiters and departments assess the video responses in the competency-based assessment system so that you can identify the perfect match reliably.

Take your preselection to a new level.


An independent study of more than 1000 applicants found that...

Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung Auswahlprozess

An efficient selection process that saves you time

Promising candidates are invited within seconds to answer your competence-based questions by video – independent of location and time. You and your colleagues jointly evaluate the answers right in the interview suite, identify suitable candidates faster and thus speed up your personnel selection.

Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung Lebenslauf

Meet the person behind the CV

Your decision-making is made more objective by means of smart assistance systems and a structured evaluation system. The video answers provide a relevant preview of the candidates’ potential to perform. Finally, only the most suitable candidates end up in face-to-face job interviews.

Zeitversetzte Videobewerbung Cost per Hire

Reduce your cost-per-hire

Recorded Video Interviews in the interview suite offer smart process optimisation. Time savings due to the asynchronous execution of the interviews and the elimination of burdensome scheduling combined with a more informed preselection, for a sustainably better recruitment with more efficient selection processes.

Applicant perspective

By not being bound to a location or time, Recorded Video Interviews provide the ultimate flexibility for applicants. They have the chance to show more of themselves and to present their pitch along with their individual personality early in the application process. The standardised processes of the interview suite ensure fairness and equal conditions for all candidates.


Operational recruiting: more insights with less effort

With Recorded Video Interviews, you can recognise the true potential of your applicants and thus set the course for a successful selection process at an early stage. You can coordinate appointments and to-dos with applicants and colleagues effortlessly and focus on the really important tasks.

Head of HR

HR strategy: Making applications scalable

Cost-per-hire can be significantly reduced while increasing the quality of hiring decisions through efficient processes and smart functions of the interview suite. Video interviews make applicant contact more personal, internal communication more effective and monitoring easier.

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