Receive authentic applications right from the start.

Receive authentic applications right from the start.

Video Applications allow for more applications with more meaningful content.Video Applications allow for more applications with more meaningful content.Book your demo now

Video Application. The authentic applicant pitch.

Applying has never been so easy and attractive for candidates. Your first impression of the applicants becomes more authentic and meaningful through Video Applications compared to conventional applications.
You can post the job-specific link in job vacancy boards or social media with one click and applicants will come to you with their Video Applications.

Let your personnel selection process start off with a highlight.


An independent study of more than 1000 applicants found that...

Videobewerbung 01 Bewerberzahlen

Increase your applicant numbers.

Reduce the application barriers to a minimum with Video Applications. You can easily position the attractive starting point of your digital recruiting process wherever your potential applicants are. This is how you reduce your time-to-hire with digital selection methods.

Videobewerbung 02 Potential

Immediately recognise the potential of your applicants

With video recruitment, you will gain a personal impression of your applicants right from the start. Without any additional effort, you receive an authentic preview of the appearance and motivation of the candidates and will thus have significantly more suitable candidates in the following selection steps.

Videobewerbung 03 Digitalisierung

Inspire your applicants with meaningful digitalisation

Easy digital applications increase the attractiveness of your job. Take advantage of smooth digitisation for a modern employer brand and a first selection step that goes beyond usual application documents.

Applicant perspective

Applicants appreciate the simplicity and the freedom of customising their application. Interchangeable copy & paste cover letters become superfluous. Applicants can present themselves seamlessly just the way they want to, making the process of applying more natural and enjoyable than ever before.


Operational recruiting: fast, appealing, authentic

In everyday life, Video Applications save you time by creating a more authentic impression of your applicants. At the same time, you will convince your applicants with an appealing, modern selection process.

Head of HR

HR strategy: Reduce Time per Hire, fill vacancies more easily

Achieve strategic goals for your personnel selection. Video Applications increase the reach and number of applicants for your vacancies in less time. And the more telling first impression increases the chances of success in following selection steps.

Learn how the interview suite will boost your personnel selection.