High Heat Recruiting

High-volume recruiting is on everyone’s lips. Selection processes can make many participants sweat. This can be caused by particularly nasty questions from inquisitive recruiters, or sometimes simply the weather. When outside temperatures climb, offices can crank the air conditioning so much it feels like a type of torture. But does temperature has an influence on […]

Uncover hidden potential: Why we need more and better Talent Assessments

The German like other labor markets is, undoubtedly, facing major upheavals. Due to these changes, the Bertelsmann Foundation called for a blog parade to discuss how we appraise formal qualification requirements based on educational degrees and informal competencies. We would like to make our contribution by emphasizing the important role of evidence-based assessment procedures. Informal […]

Type models in recruiting

Sometimes nothing is more amusing than taking a look at all the quizzes in magazines to determine what “type” you are. Fortunately, they serve to entertain the general public rather than strive for empirical confirmation. “Shopping type”, “Seasons Type”, “Single type”, “Flirt type”, etc … It seems that everything can be categorised into “types”. The […]

Management Diagnostics: The dark triad

What makes a good leader? Are there certain characteristics? Are there practices that are needed? Does it depend on responding appropriately in different situations? What role does the relationship between management and employees play? Or do leaders have to be especially inspiring, authentic, or even spiritual? A very different perspective on this issue has become […]

Hire for Innovation: How to find Star Performers?

Brands and companies that were only a few years ago “best in class” are now bankrupt, sold or progressively downsizing, because they were no longer innovative or just slower than competitors. Just take a look at your smart phone and think back ten years. Innovation cycles are further accelerating; markets are becoming more and more […]