Many of our customers chose to use video interviews in preselection in order to save time and money. They came for efficiency reasons and stayed, thanks to the many other benefits of video interviews. Below I will give you an overview of some very common reasons: high volume recruiting, international recruitment, decentralised organisation and benefits for candidates.

#1 High volume recruiting

A deciding factor is the number of open positions. The more positions open, the more time-sensitive preselection is. Using video interviews in this step of the selection process can make things way more efficient. As I mentioned in a previous article, you can prescreen more applicants when using asynchronous video interviews instead of conventional telephone interviews. For example, in four hours a week, you can easily prescreen 24 applicants through video interviewing. In the same amount of time, you can hardly squeeze in 8 telephone interviews.

#2 International recruitment

Another very cost- and time-efficient application of video interviews is for international recruitment. When you either have vacancies spread across the globe or people for a local position are applying from everywhere, video interviews can make things so much easier. Instead of flying in several international applicants for personal interviews, you can use video interviewing to assess the candidates and narrow down the number of personal interviews to a reasonable minimum. You can save money just by cutting down the number of personal interviews you make per year. (PS. That’s how Bertelsmann, a major media group, managed to get the most promising applicants from around the world in a glimpse of time.)

#3 Decentralised organisation

Another factor is the organisation of HR and the coordination between different company locations and hiring departments. With video interviewing, a recruiter is in control of the recruiting process, however the hiring manager or head of department can access the shortlist of candidates with just a few clicks. Read our article on why hiring managers will love video interviewing.

#4 Candidate experience

Last but certainly not least, there are many benefits for your applicants as well: increased flexibility, a comparable and fairer hiring procedure, and a faster application process. Moreover, candidates appreciate the opportunity to see their contact person in the welcome video, and have a glimpse at their future team. That’s what makes a cool candidate experience! How else can a candidate get a first impression of his/her future supervisor and personal information about the challenges of the position and the culture inside the team?