The number one reason a candidate will turn down a job is because they have had a negative experience with your hiring process! Cumbersome online forms with no feedback about their application for weeks, topped-off with poorly prepared interviewer … there are many reasons why a candidate will decide against you.

Candidate experiences, like above, can considerably harm your employer brand and reputation as well as your company’s ability to attract top talent. You have to keep in mind that most candidates get the first taste of your company during the hiring process. During this time, they will be assessing whether or not they want to work for your company. You should not underestimate this. If you show lack of interest in your candidates, you risk losing them…

Here are 5 tips on what you should consider to provide a positive candidate experience!

1. Contents of the vacancy description

The scope and requirements of the company should be communicated clearly and transparently before an application is submitted. Which tasks should be undertaken by the prospective employees? Which could be added in the future? What skills are expected for everyday and future situations? Which skills are critical to succeed in this job?

2. Transparency of Recruitment Process

Most candidates look for information about you on your career site. It is crucial for you to make clear what exactly your hiring process will look like. What different steps can they expect? How long will each step take? Is there someone they can ask about it? The more transparent you are, the more attractive you will appear to them as an employer.

3. Realistic Job Preview

Provide them with a Realistic Job Preview (RJP). An RJP provides the candidates with a balanced look at the job, describing both the rewarding and satisfying, as well as the challenging and demanding elements of the job. The team, the work environment as well as the future team leader can be presented.

4. Pre-recorded Video Interviews

After resume screening, give your candidates the chance to conduct a structured video interview that they can do at their convenience. First you predefine job-related questions, invite your candidates and give them several days to do their interview. Then you evaluate their recorded answers with every relevant person involved. Everybody wins — candidates are happy about showing their personality and skills and you about making a quick and valid preselection decision!

Reasons for using asynchronous pre-recorded video interviews:

  • You give candidates the chance to present themselves and leave a personal impression that goes beyond a pure resume and cannot be accomplished with any other method for large numbers of applicants.
  • Your candidates receive flexibility by deciding for themselves when they want to do the interview – regardless of time and place. Not to mention the cost and time savings for you.
  • By time spent being significantly shortened, you ensure faster processing of applications, which allows you to provide faster feedback to candidates.
  • You eliminate scheduling hassles for the candidates, as well as for all executive decision-makers involved in the process
  • Is innovation one of your company’s values? Video interviewing is innovative and will positively enhance your employer brand with your target group. Both candidates and companies gain a great advantage through the use of video interviewing, which builds common understanding between parties as well as increased candidate acceptance and enthusiasm.

5. Candidate Survey

Have you ever asked your applicants how they perceived your application process? Well, you should! If you want to create a better candidate experience, begin by finding out how candidates view your current experience by creating a candidate survey.

We hope you find these tips useful! Do you want to find out how pre-recorded video interviews can provide a unique candidate experience? We would be happy to show you more with a personal demo presentation.

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