In today’s personnel selection you have to consider a candidate’s wishes and expectations. However, this does not mean that your personnel selection will become less sound! We believe that it will raise your recruiting to another level.

Are you sure you are not sending the wrong people home? How many of your candidates would agree with the statement that „there is much more to me than my resume“? Whether 89 % or 99 % confirm this – most candidates would agree!

The reality is that when recruiters make a selection after a first CV screening, most of the candidates face a lack of transparency from the recruiters’ side. The majority of candidates are directly rejected on the basis of their resume screening.

„My CV is not self-explanatory“

A survey conducted among candidates at career fair Connecticum showed that 87% of the total of 109 respondents would like to have the possibility of commenting on their application. A resume does not explain itself – it needs to be explained. Companies should take the time to find out why, for example, a candidate changed their job twice or why they chose their career path. Often there are very plausible explanations you should listen to in order to understand and to make an accurate judgement on a candidate’s job fit.

“I’m not like the others”

More than 90 % of applicants in the survey said they would like to present themselves individually and authentically! Actually, they are in a difficult situation – they are torn between formal requirements with regard to their application and the necessity to stand out from others in the applicant pool, and of course to make sure why they are the right person for the respective job. An almost impossible task.

“I decide when I ‘m ready to do the interview”

Meanwhile, every other candidate says that they would prefer to decide themselves when a job interview takes place in order to make the interview process more flexible for them. Of course there are good and bad interview times and locations – doing the interview during a lunch break or after a 10 hour work day? They can do better!

Fair treatment is not only appreciated but required

One can assume that the vast majority of applicants look for advice on the internet or among friends. In numerous forums, you can easily find opinions about the application process of the companies. Let’s take the example of a candidate complaining in a forum: ” At first, almost half of my applications do not get a response … If I’m lucky and there is an answer, it says that the company will get back to me but that I should wait for their answer and not contact them directly. However, there is no response in 80 percent of the cases. And I do not want to ask them on my own as this is considered as being undesirable.”
Undoubtedly, this has a very negative effect on the company’s image. Under those conditions, all those great employer branding campaigns are completely worthless. Today, each candidate can express their opinion on social networks. Although this should not be the reason for you to make your recruitment processes fair and transparent, you should consider this.

The application: Why the old-fashioned method is really old-fashioned.

If we look at daily selection decisions, those still seem to happen according to the ” abundance ” principle. Most applicants, usually between 70 and 90 percent, are directly refused due to their application. Maybe they do not have enough professional experience – perhaps just 2 instead of the 3 years required. It is uncommon for companies to base their personnel selection upon clearly structured rules. This may result in a large number of wrong staffing decisions, also because those decisions are taken within a short time. We believe that you should give the candidates the possibility to present themselves personally in addition to their application in order to make sure you are not unknowingly sending the best talents away.

It’s all about the personal impression

Nowadays it is not necessary to invite each candidate to a personal interview. You can give every candidate the chance to convince you of their motivation and professional abilities. Why not give a chance to the candidate with a bad degree in math??

Make fast and smart choices with video technology

Sometimes you simply need a short feedback from the department for which you are interviewing. However, they are often too busy and applicants are too often put off again. What if you could just watch and evaluate short 2-4 minute video clips where candidates answer technical questions? Those time shifted video interviews can replace a first, in-person conversation and help you make your selection(s). It is a short screening interview that enables you to view more applicants together with the department for which you are interviewing and preselect the most talented ones. A huge competitive advantage! From a candidate’s point of view, they will be happy to get faster feedback from you. After all, the longer it takes to answer them, the more likely they will jump off the recruiting process.

Conclusion: A valid selection method must be useful for both candidates and companies alike. The asynchronous video interview takes the candidates’ expectations into account and brings them in line with the current requirements for fast and modern selection processes.