There are many IT jobs out there, but finding suitable IT candidates is challenging. They are simply rare. What can you possibly do to find them? Do not wait until they come to you, but get started going to them. Traditional recruiting processes (job ad – waiting for applications – candidate selection=) do not work in this case.

The opposite is the case: The company should go towards the candidates. It is like a role change. More and more events provide a suitable platform for companies that wish to meet potential IT employees. “Web on Wheels”, for example, is such an event. At viasto, we are always looking for new IT talents, which is why we have participated at WoW this year, too! Read on to get inspired by our Best Practice and find out more on why the concept of this event is smart and what it has brought us so far…

Berlin – IT talent desperately wanted

Especially in Berlin, finding IT talents has become a big issue, as you can see when considering the following figures: 4,000 ICT companies, about 47,000 ICT jobs, number of technology companies increased by 54% since 2000.

At viasto, we have the goal to continuously develop our software for pre-recorded video interviewing, the interview suite. Therefore, we are always looking for talented new IT staff. We simply cannot wait for a candidate to apply, which is why our strategy is to actively go and get that talent.

The strategy: WE apply for our target group

Web on Wheels(Page available in German, only) is a rather informal event that provides the opportunity for companies to meet students, graduates and IT professionals. For us, the aim was to not only inform candidates about how attractive our IT jobs are, but also inform them that we offer job security, which is what we believe our target group is interested in.

How is the event structured? First, the company will give a short presentation, then there will be a cool get-together with drinks, food and conversation. In the evening, there is a musical event where everyone can relax and get to know the other participants better.

Stay authentic and give Realistic Job Previews

In order to provide concrete and authentic insights into the company, our product and IT jobs, we were happy to have our developers Peter and Max give a presentation, in which they spoke about:

  • The company, its growth and team -> What is the idea behind viasto and our interview suite? How successful has viasto been since its foundation? What about the expansion of the team? In 2013, we were still 12 employees, today we are 21! That is an indicator of steady growth and our potential candidates should know that.
  • The interview suite and its added value for companies -> Providing this information, we want to excite our audience and make them curious to become a part of actively developing the software as a part of our team.
  • Most importantly: What specific projects would the new team members work on? -> What are the current and future projects that they would be responsible for ? What are the challenges of the jobs we offer ? How does the team work together? Max and Peter play an important role here, because they can best give authentic insights into the projects the IT team is working on.



Have a look at our Facebook-Page to see more photos.

What are the results of our participation in Web on Wheels?

Well, guess what! Peter, our Junior Frontend Developer, who presented together with Max at WoW, is actually a candidate that we met last year at this event. So, our experience is very, very positive.

If you have the chance to participate in a similar event, you should not hesitate! It can make a difference and be the key factor in your IT recruitment success. Good luck! 🙂

How did YOU manage to get the IT people you wanted! Do not hesitate to share your best practices with us and our readers!