The business environment in the Baltic states can be characterized as a flexible and open one, which has attracted many foreign investors. The technology industry in the Baltics has developed considerably. Especially Estonia has become one of the world leaders in technology. Their recruiting field is keeping up the development of recruiting technologies.

Technology industry in the Baltics has done a great job for recruiting.

“IT is a field where testing candidates is a common practice. Teleconferencing allows to create tests and ask questions that are actual problems in their company’s everyday work”, explains Henry Auväärt from the biggest job portal in Estonia CV Keskus.

He adds that “today, it would be something unthinkable of having to fly in a programmer from Spain to Estonia, just to give a piece of paper and a pencil to check some boxes.” He couldn’t imagine the work of his recruitment team without modern technologies.

Video technology on the rise?

Also in Estonia, newly developing trends are video CVs and job advertisements. Video job advertisements are a modern way to introduce a company and a job vacancy. It allows the applicants to see the company, work environment, etc. At the moment, about 1% of the total job advertisements are video job offers, but it is believed that it will increase in the future.

The major problem : how to attract and recruit talented professionals

Specifically speaking, it is difficult to find talented people for the fast growing technology industry in the Baltics where the demand is much higher than the supply. Henry Auväärt from CV Keskus describes: “Estonian IT talents are recruited directly from schools. If some ”free agent“ steps the job market, then they get instant offers. “ Therefore, it is also necessary to find talents internationally and attract them.

The Estonian job portal, CV Keskus, believes that constant development, improvement, forward-thinking, and embracing the development of technology allows them to offer the best service on the market to their clients.

Video technology to become crucial for recruitment

It is likely that companies in the Baltic region are open to new solutions for improving the quality and the speed of the recruiting processes internationally. Automated video interviewing software could also improve the international recruiting processes in the Baltics.

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This article was written by Kristel Aimre, Market Research Analyst at viasto. Feel free to get in touch with her on LinkedIn