Why hire candidates who want a career change?

They’re open minded, aren’t afraid of trying something new, are flexible, and want to learn.

So, how do you hire someone who wants a career change? They have years of experience, but none in the field you’re hiring for. How can you assess them? Or do you just simply reject them?

It may seem like a daunting task but it really doesn’t have to be. Just use video interviewing for preselection. Why?

Here’s what you can gain:

1. It lets you evaluate their personality. Most employers believe that hiring for personality is more important than skill, as skills can be learned, and a good personality cannot.

2. You can see if they will fit into the team. Just because they have a good personality, doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the right cultural fit, or that they will work well in the team. Using video interviewing allows not just the recruiters, but the relevant people to evaluate candidates.

3. You’re able to assess skills that can be transferable. Video interviewing allows you to test for skills which you cannot evaluate through a CV, for example, self confidence, sales and language skills. Using the interview suite makes it easier for you to see if a candidate has the right capabilities or not, as all candidates are asked the same questions and assessed on the same criteria.

So you can see that just by using video interviewing as your preselection method, you’re able to easily assess and evaluate candidates that do not have the related work history.