Privacy Policy – Android Application

This page is used to inform users of the interview suite Android application (“application“) about our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information (“information“).

The application is built and maintained by viasto GmbH (“viasto“). The application is provided by viasto at no cost and is intended for use as is.

For full functionality, the application requires an invitation URL/link (“invitation link“) that is sent to users by a third party, usually a potential employer or similar organisation (“organisation“).

This privacy policy only applies to the information collected directly by viasto. Some information, such as the video interview itself, is collected by viasto on behalf of the organisation and is subject to the organisation’s privacy policy. The privacy policy of the organisation is available when opening the application using the invitation link. Users will be asked to review it before any information is collected for the organisation.

viasto has a data processing agreement with the organisation and only processes information in accordance with this privacy policy and the privacy policy of the organisation.

Information Collection and Use

viasto collects the following information when the application is used:

  • Partial IP address of the user’s device

  • Device information, such as model & operating system

  • The organisation to which the user is applying

  • Diagnostic information about the application, including connection speed, errors encountered, and the time & date of the application’s use

  • Interview metadata, such as number of questions and video answer durations

  • The unique identifier in the user’s invitation link (“identifier“)

This information is used to improve the application and provide end-user support.

The identifier recorded by viasto can be used to associate this information with the additional information specified in the organisation’s privacy policy. This association is only possible so long as the organisation has not deleted the information, and is only used to provide end-user support.

The information may be stored by viasto for up to 5 years and is used to understand usage patterns and determine future product direction. The information collected by the organisation typically has a much shorter retention period before it is deleted. See the organisation’s privacy policy for further details.

Service Providers

  • The application includes help & support functionality provided by Zendesk. Users’ IP addresses and non-identifiable device information may be shared with Zendesk. Zendesk has accepted the Google Play SDK Console Terms of Service, which includes a commitment that their software components will not cause apps to violate Google Play policies.

  • The application’s distribution via Google Play is subject to the Google Play Services privacy policy.


The application uses industry-standard encryption when transmitting user data, including interview videos.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

viasto GmbH
Badstraße 20
13357 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 60 988 5330


Data Protection Officer

Marco Tessendorf
procado Consulting, IT- & Medienservice GmbH
Warschauer Str. 58a
10243 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (30) 293 98 -320


Users may contact our data protection officer directly at any time with any questions or suggestions regarding data protection.

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